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What is Spotify Error Code Auth 74 and how can we fix it?

Spotify is the most popular streaming platform that allows users to listen to millions of songs. Users can access Spotify on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. However, unfortunately, there are many issues you may face. Spotify error code Auth 74 is one of them and also is the most common issue reported by Windows users. We can fix this by using different methods such as,

  1. By Allowing Spotify through the Windows Firewall.
  2. By disabling or removing the VPN.
  3. By Changing your current location.
  4. By disabling proxy settings.
  5. By Updating or reinstalling your Spotify app.

What is the Spotify error code Auth 74?

Spotify Error Code Auth 74 usually appears when users try to log in to their Spotify accounts, which prevents users from accessing the Spotify app. Users are unable to access music, playlists, and other functions of Spotify. It occurs when the Spotify server is down or the system identifies suspicious or unusual activity.

What are the causes of the Spotify error code Auth 74?

There are a variety of reasons; including

  1. poor network connection.
  2. Spotify’s server is down.
  3. Using Outdated Spotify app.
  4. Block Windows Firewall Access.
  5. Using Vpn.
  6. Restricted location by Spoity

Solutions to fix the Spotify error code Auth 74

Spotify Error Code Auth 74

Here I am going to explain some of the most effective solutions that help users solve this problem.

Solution 1. Check Spotify’s server.

Sometimes you may encounter error codes due to poor server service. So before going to any solution, ensure that you are connected to an active Spotify server.

By checking the Spotify status page.

A user can check if Spotify’s service is down or if there is any other problem by visiting https://status.spotify.com/. If there is an issue, it will be displayed on this page along with any updates or an estimated time for the issue to be resolved.

By visiting the DownDetector website.

Spotify Error Code Auth 74

DownDetector is a website that allows users to track outages for a variety of services. You can visit https://downdetector.com/status/spotify to check Spotify’s service.

Solution 2. Allow Spotify through the Windows Firewall

We can fix Spotify error code Auth 74 by allowing Spotify through the Windows firewall. By default, firewalls block incoming and outgoing traffic for security reasons, but users can specify which apps are allowed to communicate through the firewall.

Here I will guide you on how to allow Spotify through the Windows Defender firewall. After following these steps, Spotify should now be allowed through the Windows Defender Firewall,

1.      First, right-click on the Windows Start button and choose “Run.”

2.      In the”Run” dialogue box that appears, type “control firewall.cpl” and press Enter on your keyboard.

3.      On the next screen, click the “Change Settings” button located near the top-right corner of the window list of apps and features will appear in the new window. Now search and select”Spotify” in the list.

4.      Check the boxes for both “private” and “public” options next to the Spotify app.

5.      Once you have selected both options, click the “OK” button at the bottom right corner of the window to save your changes.

Solution 3. Disable or remove the VPN


Spotify’s app or services require direct access to the internet, but a VPN may block or redirect the traffic. Therefore, disabling or removing a VPN can help run an app that is not working properly when the VPN is active.

You can disable VPN by following these instructions.

  1. Go to the Windows Settings app and select Network & Internet.
  2. Chose current using VPN.
  3. To disable VPN, click the “Allow VPN over metered networks” button and then turn it off.

To uninstall VPN, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Go to Settings and select Apps.
  2. Tap Installed apps
  3. Select VPN, and then, on the right, click on the three-dot icon.
  4. Finally, click on the “Uninstall” option.

Solution 4. Change your current location

Due to technical limitations, Some apps are not allowed to run in every country. We can remove the Spotify Error Code Auth 74 error by changing the country location.

If you want to change location, follow these steps:

  1. Open the login page.
  2. Type the correct username and email address.
  3. You can log in to Spotify using other options, which are given below.
  4. After logging in, click on the profile.
  5. Select Account Overview
  6. Click on “Edit Profile.”
  7. Here you will see the country option and change the current country.
  8. Click the Save Profile button.
  9. Restart your Spotify app to see if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 5. Disable proxy settings

Here are the steps to disable proxy settings. After following these steps, your computer should no longer be using a proxy.

  1. Click on the Start menu and select “Settings,” then tap “Network & Internet.”
  2. Click on “Proxy” in the left-hand menu.
  3. If you find any proxy or port number listed, clear the field.
  4. Click on “Proxy” and turn off “Use a Proxy Server.”
  5. Now click to save.

Solution 6. Update or reinstall your Spotify app

To remove any errors, always use the latest version of the app. Sometimes you may face various errors when using an outdated Spotify app. If there is no update available, uninstalling and reinstalling the app can fix the error automatically.

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